psychic healing




psychic healingPSYCHIC READINGS - As a gifted psychic/medium, 'Bear' is available for Private Readings, Skype Readings, Telephone Readings and Email Readings.

Prices are per person for each reading.




psychic healing SRT is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and      release hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth by using a pendulum to communicate first with the subconscious mind or higher self.

The clearings are done without the client present, as all that is needed is your name , age and date of birth.
The clearings work instantly, and an email or skype will follow  to explain the findings and the outcome.
This work can take up to 2-3 hrs depending on the findings.
For more information or to set up a clearing session please email 'bear' at elf4@live.com




INNER LIGHT THERAPY - This therapy enhances the inner beauty, making it your reality thus allowing you to radiate your true self. It allows the client to touch on the deep parts of their childhood, connecting with their inner child and creating bahealing psychic massagelance, harmony & deep peace with both the child within and the adult self. Residential course only...please email 'bear' at elf4@live.com






SHAMANISM - This is the earliest spiritual practice known to healing psychic massagemankind and dates back thousands of years. Shamans heal illnesses at the soul level, each healing session is tailored specifically to the individuals needs. To enable the shaman to access information, they will shift their own state of awareness by using repetitive sounds from drums & rattles. This enables them to see through 'different eye

s' on a spiritual level where they are able to retreive information for your healing.




psychic healingSHAMANS BREATH - Clinical studies have clearly shown that our emotions are directly linked to our breathing. Illness is connected to poor breathing. This powerful process cuts through years of negative unconscious patterning and restores the body to a new way of being naturally aligned to your true essence.






psychic healingANIMAL HEALING - 'Bear' is a qualified animal healer and teacher.  She does regular healing work at a local kennels and  her animal clientel are rapidly increasing with amazing results! Prices vary depending on treatment required. May involve more than one session. Please email 'bear' at elf4@live.com for more details.







psychic healingBLESSINGS (Sopladas) & CLEANSINGS (Limpia) - Soplada means 'to blow' and Limpia means 'to clean' in Spanish.




psychic healingMASSAGE - There are a variety of different massage treatments available, including Back, neck & shoulder massage & massages with or without aromotherapy oils.




psychic healingMAGNETIC THERAPY - When a magnet is placed on a particular part of the body, secondary currents are induced which bring about polorization of cells. This not only reduces pain and swelling on tissues and organs but also restores the normal electrical status of the organs, thereby helping to eliminate disease and normalising the natural vibratory frequency.




psychic healingTHERMO-AURICULAR THERAPY (EAR CANDLES) - Ear candles may benefit a variety of conditions such as sinusitus, tinnitus, stress, glue ear, poor hearing, dizziness, hayfever, rhinitis & ear wax. The treatment is suitable for both men, women & children and each treatment lasts around 30-60 minutes depending on whether they require a sinus massage.