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psychic healingTHANK YOU!!!psychic healing



Carol is one of life's Angels sent to guide you home .An amazing clarity and freedom arose in me from allowing myself "the gift of love" she has created in her ELF therapy.A re-birthing occurs as you are nurtured in letting go in this amazing space.

A new day a new precious me .

Thank you Carol


With the help of Carol's gentle yet powerful energy and ELF Therapy.

I have been able to start clearing some very deep pain. I can breathe more deeply and live with a sense of calm, there's a lot more to be done, but now there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks Carol


As a lone parent and a full time  support worker i felt that my life was falling apart, I am currently off work due to stress.

Carol has a real gift in her work she is a very experienced therapist, part of my therapy became so powerful i began to panic, with Carol's calming voice was reassuring and constant reminding that i was safe soon ended my panic, I was able to remove a lot of past issues that had been holding me back and keeping me in a negative space.

I now have some clearance in my life but am aware there is more work to do.

I dont think i will ever forget the experience and thanks to Carol it will always be remembered as "WOW".

Thank you


This was a an emotionally tough weekend but I was well nurtured by Carol and her husband Alex through it all and that made it easier to cope with .

I have emerged a new person with a renewed confidence, a spark in my eye and have learned to let go of the past.

There's more work to be done but it can only get better.

Thank you beautiful Angel