Marva Therapy


animal healing


Marva Therapy was created and developed by Bear Medicine Song. 

It incorporates a variety of therapies used to treat energy blocks in cats and dogs.

Included in these therapies are massage, accupressure, reflexology, stretching and vibrational treatments.

Each treatment or program is specifically designed for each individual cat or dog so no two treatments are the same.

When blocks are in place in an animal, we recognise them as an energy. Energies carry vibrations so therefore we aim to remove the block using these different techniques.

There are specific stretching techniques involved enabling the blocks to be released, resulting in the animal having increased mobility and freedom.

There is a pre requisite that each animal having this treatment, resides with Bear Medicine Song in her own home for approximately one week.

During this week, Bear Medicine Song will commence treatment daily for a period of 6 hours, with rest periods inbetween.

Upon completion of the treatment Bear will give guidance and routines to continue with the animal and its owner.

Email and phone contact will also be available together with Skype meetings.

If you would like more details on this particular treatment please go to contact us page and get in touch.